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Understanding Writing is a Christ-centered, multi-level writing course designed much like a piano course. Whatever the students’ ages, each begins at (or near) the beginning and progresses at his own pace through the material. Two or more students within approximately four years of age can be taught at the same time—in fact, it is usually most enjoyable to do so.

Understanding Writing is a tutorial manual (self-study possible for high school students, but not recommended) containing eight levels (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-8, and 9-12) that can that can be easily mastered during your children’s school years. Beginners, with no previous instruction in English grammar/writing, begin in Level One. All others—even high schoolers and adults—begin in Level Two. Don’t skip lessons or rush through. You must master one unit before moving on to the next. By the end of the program, you and your students will be proficient in serving the Lord through descriptive, narrative, informative, and persuasive writing—all the writing types that are used singly or in combination in any kind of writing you will do.

You may be encouraged to know that there are now hundreds of Understanding Writing graduates, many of whom have impressed employers, college instructors, and others with their abilities to write—something extremely rare in our culture. And quite a number are published authors of articles and books. The following typical response to Understanding Writing is a message our 22 year old son received while working for another ministry’s customer service department recently:

BTW, if I’m not mistaken, you must be one of the children to whom your mom, Susan Bradrick, dedicated her Understanding Writing curriculum. Your mom’s curriculum was the first writing curriculum that my eldest daughter (now 19 years old) used. I was especially attracted to her curriculum because of the godly foundation your mom helped to lay for writing. It not only did that for my daughter (and our other children), but it gave her a love for and wonderful ability to write. She is now majoring in writing and is looking forward to passing on her love for writing to children in years to come.

And a few additional bits of Understanding Writing information:

I do not recommend continuing with another grammar program while you use Understanding Writing. I believe it is most important for students to learn how to use their grammar knowledge practically while learning to write much the way piano students learn how to use music theory as they increase their skill in playing the piano. (Grammar is taught gradually & systematically throughout Understanding Writing and interwoven with instruction in the various other writing skills). I think you will find your students saying (or thinking) as they proceed through the program: “Aha! This is why I have been learning all these grammar terms and facts! Now it makes sense!”

Like all other curricula, it is important to use the resources recommended for use with it. Understanding Writing was written to correspond with the information present in the two recommended handbooks, and its instruction and exercises are keyed to the exact terminology and examples used in these resources. Because they are affordable and because using them will facilitate the use of Understanding Writing, I recommend that you consider purchasing them, as well. You can obtain each directly from its publisher.

  1. You will need the Rod & Staff English Handbook when your student begins in Level 1 or 2 (all students, even adults, must begin here: Level 1 is for language beginners, usually 1st or 2nd graders, and all other students begin at Level 2).
  2. You will also need the ABeka Handbook of English Grammar by the middle of Level 3 (found in the 11th grade section of their catalog/website).

Finally, although an Understanding Writing revision was begun a few years ago, the only version currently available for sale in any form is the 1991 version. However, the sample pages above are taken from the revision as they are the only pages we have in digital form. They are slightly different in format, but not in content. Due to other obligations for our family that have taken precedence over this project, we have no target date for completing our Understanding Writing revision.

May the Lord bless you mightily as you love and serve Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength—and as you raise up your precious children to do the same … for His glory.

Write for His glory! Always!
Susan Bradrick

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And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks through Him to God the Father.
(Colossians 3:17)